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We would like to give you some information about the team here at come from varied backgrounds and we have very knowledgeable people in all areas of personal finance, credit, personal  loans, auto loans and general credit related concerns.

There’s nothing more important than have a good understanding of financial matters. As most of you may already know issues related to your personal financial condition play a big role in family relationships and are the causes of many failed marriages as an example. We recommend in the event you are considering getting married, one of the best things you can do is to get with your potential spouse and have an honest an open meeting and disclosure about each person’s current financial condition.

It is important to know what obligations one party may be assuming from the other. We suggest you actually get current credit bureau reports, bank statements, auto loan contracts or any other documentation that helps to give the other partner the complete financial review.

One thing we’ve had a number of questions about is bad credit auto loans. There is a misunderstanding about what this means. It does not mean the person is bad, it is a term the bad credit lenders use to identify the type of loan. There are literally hundreds of high risk lenders or offer great low rates and flexible terms when it comes to bad credit auto financing. We have several auto finance experts on our team and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Personal loans for bad credit is another area where we receive a large number of questions about bad credit loans in general. There are many credit related circumstances that have arisen over the last few years that have cause credit scores to drop across the country. Currently roughly 2 out of 3 consumers fall in the bad credit or sub prime credit category based solely on their credit score.

Most of us understand that personal credit is a must for us. We have to get a loan to buy a car, finance a house, send kids to college and more. Also do you know anyone who doesn’t have at least one credit card? The problem is that getting a credit card even with bad credit is far too easy. Also we don’t think about long term ramifications because most people unfortunately only make minimum payments and that’s where the trouble starts. Some personal restraint is in order.

The best thing you can do is to actually put a budget together in writing. When you see the numbers many times it gives you the opportunity to think about your spending habits.

The team here at looks forward to helping with any personal loans, auto financing, credit card, bad credit loans or general credit problems. Feel free to contact us anytime.